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CBCD.... Where oh where to begin?!... I guess with CBCD stands for Cardboard Box Car Derby. It is the NEW freshman sport, consisting of freshman in the Anne Arundel County Area....

Here is where emily and shannon get to ramble!! you know its hott!!! yes, two t's worthy. So um any way... this all came about when one day when emily was watching AFV (Americas Funniest Home Video's) and some random little boy was running with a cardboard box around and then he pulled a dale earnheardt and spun around and fell over and it was wicked funny... so one day i was just chillin in my trusty dusty bedroom and was like SHANNON! we should have a race where everyone builds a car out of card board and we fun around! Thus it escladed into this... PEACE

Cardboard Cars
Some of the CBCD racers on their way to the chick-fil-a drive through

Where Racing Cardboard boxes is considered cool...


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